The Chesapeake Crescent Initiative (CCI) is a regional collaborative to advance innovation in energy, life sciences and security in the “Chesapeake Crescent” Region of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia.

CCI’s leadership includes federal government agencies, state and local government leaders, major private sector companies as well as academic institutions. The Governors of Maryland, Virginia and Delaware as well as the Mayor of the District of Columbia are the honorary chairs of CCI. Herb Miller and George Vradenburg are CCI’s Co-Founders and Co-Vice Chairmen.

CCI’s Steering Committee includes representatives from the Federal Government, such as the Office of Management and Budget, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, the General Services Administration, and the Mid-Atlantic Federal Labs Consortium as well as representatives from the three states and the District of Columbia.

Our private sector leadership includes representatives from The Carlyle Group, Patton Boggs and Holland & Knight. We also partner directly with private sector entities, such as Booz Allen Hamilton, on special projects.

Through its university consortium, the Chesapeake Crescent Innovation Alliance (CCIA), CCI works with eleven major regional research universities, including Johns Hopkins University, University System of Maryland (11 campuses), George Washington University, Howard University, George Mason University, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Georgetown University, James Madison University, Gallaudet University and the University of Delaware.

Our Mission

CCI’s mission is to establish this region as a global leader in energy, security and life sciences innovation through new models of government (federal, state, and local), university and private enterprise collaboration.

CCI works to achieve this mission through:

  • Catalyzing Thought Leadership. CCI identifies and advocates for region-scale innovation based economic development opportunities not otherwise on the regional agenda.
  • Convening Key Stakeholders. CCI hosts numerous events – both in person and virtual – throughout the year to educate our stakeholders and the general public on the importance of innovation based economic growth, help catalyze new projects as well as align existing regional resources towards innovation based economic growth, drawing on the over $25 Billion spent annually on research in this Region by the Federal government.
  • Collaborating on Special Projects. CCI collaborates with its partners on projects designed to leverage the Region’s core strengths and accelerate the achievement of regional goals while also unlocking innovation-based businesses, jobs and opportunity.

Our Vision

The Chesapeake Crescent Region – the Commonwealth of Virginia, the State of Maryland, the State of Delaware, and the District of Columbia – possesses an abundance of economic assets. The Region attracts more Research & Development funding than any other region in our country. It is home to over 70 Federal research laboratories as well as a preponderance of major research universities and institutions of higher learning. The Region is highly ranked in the concentration of highly educated workers as well as being the home to more scientists and engineers on a per capita basis than any other US region.

However, we have substantial work to do in moving inventions to market on the scale and at the pace as other regions in the US, such as Silicon Valley and metro Boston, as well as with emerging regional powerhouses in Europe and Asia. While our Region ranks No. 1 in technology research funding, it ranks an embarrassing 37th nationally in efficiency of technology commercialization, translating into lost opportunities for investment as well as for small business and job creation. While the region possesses a strong university, government and private sector presence, there is limited availability of early stage venture capital to new companies seeking to commercialize the IP stranded in Fed labs and research universities.

The Chesapeake Crescent Initiative (CCI) seeks to fill that gap by creating new American models of collaboration among Federal, State and local governments, major research universities and the private sector.

It crosses the chasms which normally exist between and among industry, public-private and regional jurisdictional borders. CCI offers the opportunity to set ambitious goals for advancing regional technological innovation-based business and job creation by reaching across boundaries and leveraging the assets of the region in a way that no single jurisdiction could accomplish alone. Launched in January, 2008, its mission is to establish this Region as the global leader in the creation of new energy, security and life sciences innovation-based businesses and jobs through new models of government (federal, state, and local), university and private enterprise collaboration.

In today’s increasingly intense global competitive environment, we must work together as a region to encourage new approaches to the most pressing issues of our time while also stimulating the creation of small businesses and new jobs and the workforce needed to succeed in this challenging environment. It is only by leveraging the assets of the Region as a whole, that we can attain these goals.